Christopher Biggins weight loss: Pantomime king lost 16pounds in preparation for panto season

Christopher Biggins is an precious English star and tv speaker with a remarkable profession, covering almost 50 years, in the show business. He is best understood for breathing life into his comical pantomime characters that are liked by numerous Britons. In preparation for the panto season, Biggins admitted to having picked to go believed a weight loss change to lose weight, what did he do?

Today on ITV, using panto clothing to enter the joyful spirit – oh yes they do – Lesley Joseph, Vicky Pattison, and Christopher Biggins appear on Tipping Point: Lucky Stars in an unique seasonal edition of the test in which entrants respond to concerns to win turns on an arcade-style device in the hope of winning £20,000 for charity.

In current years, precious star, Christopher Biggins has gone through a significant weight loss change, what has he stated about his weight loss? 

Christopher Biggins is best understood for being the supreme pantomime king, his most widely known functions consist of Widow Twankey in the pantomime production of Aladdin and Lukewarm in the comedy Porridge. He likewise won I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here in 2007.

Previously it was exposed that the 71-years of age star shed a remarkable 16 pounds after “constantly going to funerals” required him to ponder his own death.

After being detected with type 2 diabetes in 2010 and fearing he could suffer a cardiac arrest at any given minute, the pantomime king did something to trim and revamp his way of life – what has he stated about his weight loss journey? 

“It rather depressed me and I very rarely get depressed,” the performer stated of his type2 diabetes medical diagnosis. “I believed, ‘Oh dear, this is sort of the beginning of the end’.

“Knowing that I’m two times as most likely to have a stroke or a cardiac arrest since I have type 2 diabetes is sobering,” he admitted.

However 9 years after his medical diagnosis and after making substantial dietary modifications, Christopher has actually dropped weight and now pays academic attention to the foods he consumes.

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He stated: “I’m certainly obese however I attempt to keep it in an excellent specification.

“I’m rather proficient at the minute. I’ve dropped weight – about 16 pounds.

“I can flex down and put my shoes on simpler.

“It’s excellent and I feel a lot better.”

Biggins exposed formerly that he had actually quit sweet deals with such as sugar and Diet Coke in a quote to get in shape in the nick of time for the extremely expected yearly pantomime season to start. 


“If it includes 54 percent sugar, for instance, then I put it back.

“On a day-to-day basis, I do this now, whereas prior to I didn’t.”

As well as viewing what he consumes, Biggins likewise integrates light workout into his weekly regular to remain in shape.

Funnyman, Jimmy Carr, has actually likewise gone through a weight loss change over the last few years.

The 47-year-old comic has actually been really open about his weight loss and exposed there is a specific diet plan he followed to trim.

Noting his weight loss in the past, he shared an emphasize video of his profession on Twitter and stated: “Worth a watch if only for the weight loss.”

He has likewise stated that a periodic fasting diet strategy worked for him when it pertained to his weight loss.

Instead of eliminating food groups, the strategy concentrates on the time that food is consumed.

Jimmy stated: “I stopped eating after six in the evening.”

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