Jameela Jamil shares the “horror story” behind why she hates fad diet products so much.

Jameela Jamil has gained a reputation as the unhelpful-bullsh*t police, ready to call out dangerous diet fads like slimming shakes and appetite suppressants.

And now The Good Place actress has revealed the reason she has waged war on these insidious weight-loss products: it’s personal.

The 32-year-old shared in a tweet that she had a “horror” experience with weight-loss products that can be bought over the internet as a teen.

“I used them as a teen and my digestive system, metabolism, thyroid and kidneys were damaged for over a decade,” she wrote.

“My mental health didn’t fare well either.”

Jameela shared her experience hoping to start a thread of “horror stories” about fad weight-loss products, which are often marketed to young women via Instagram.

Followers obliged, sharing awful run-ins with questionable products.

One woman described using appetite suppressants and something called “slimming mixture” that made her vomit.

She said, as a result, her weight is never stable and her metabolism and attitude towards her appearance are “f****d”.

Another shared her story of addiction to laxatives, which she still sees a therapist over.